POP-Naval Academy


Service to the nation can be rendered in the most noble and honourable manner by joining the Defence Services. Young Men and Women have contributed equally and today the Indian Armed stands out amongst the Best nations of the world. The disciplined and Organised lifestyle, handsome Pay package and the opportunities to excel makes it an ambition of every adventerous loving boy and girl.


The latest Success to the Academy Achievements are with the passing of following candidates in the following entries:-

1. Abhijt Thapa(TGC), Dehradun, joined INFOSYS company after clearing the SSB.Presently,he is earning a salary of above Rs1 lakh.

2. Pooja Chauhan(WSES), Dehradun, Commissioned as a Captain in the Indian Army.

3. Kanishka Chaturvedi(NDA), Bhopal, Commissioned as a Flight Lt. in IAF.

4. Nikhil Singh(NDA), Kanpur, Presently undergoing training in the 4th term at National Defence Academy,Kharakvasla,Pune.

5. Jagjit Singh (10+2 TES), Uttarkashi(UK), Commissioned as a Lt. In the Indian Navy.

6. Suraj Rana (ACC), Dehradun, Captain in the Indian Army.

7. Mahesh Kumar (ACC) Dehradun, Major in the Indian Army.

8.Pankaj Gurung, (SCO) Dehradun, Major in the Indian Army.

9.Shankar Gurung (SCO) Dehradun, Major in IMA.

10.Ashish Gurung (ACC) Dehradun, Captain in the Indian Army.

11. Shivani Thapa (OTA) Dehradun, Captain in the Indian Army.

12. Ayush Dev Thapa, Dehradun, Major in the Indian Army.


NDA, Pune
Naval Academy, Ezhimala

OTA, Chennai

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