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The present generation aims to achieve the best in the shortest possible time- a good post with a handsome salary.Due to this trend,the intelligent lot opt for the Corporate and other attractive jobs.But the average lot with limited resources or a sense of sacrifice and dedication only apply for the Armed Forces career.Therfore,we focus our SSB training to suit the needs of such boys and girls. Past SSB experiences have proved that the intake in Defence Sevices is mainly from the middle class families. Therefore, we have adopted 3 simple basic principles to suit our training for them:-

SIMPLICITY - Languages used are Hindi,English and a mix of both. Methods of instructions are real and SSB based, no books and more of interactions and practices. Any average individual with a will to get selected , can grasp our simplified training techniques within the first three days and feels confident to learn more.

PERSONAL TOUCH-Personal touch is ensured by showing correction works and regular counselling .Important guidance and helpful tips are given to all students ,at the fag end of the training.

SELF- REALIZATION - Every student is motivated and specialised to identify his/her self-worth ,capability and potential. This helps in his/her Personalty Development and performance at the SSB.

Any young boy/girl can adjust to the SSB environment, physically & mentally within 2 days of our training. We shape you and launch you not only to clear SSB but to appear high in the Merit list.


1.Training duration - 14 Days

2.Lowest fees structure in Dehradun, Delhi and Chandigarh.

3.Detailed diagnosis, Counselling and focussed training of previously SSB Rejected / Failed Candidates.

4. Guaranteed 100% success in the SCREENING TEST and Perfection for SSB Tests.

5. SSB like Realistic and Practical training.

6. Personal touch due to limited intake.

7. Emphasis of General Awareness and Personality Development.

8. Language control and appropriate Presentation.

9. Regular Counselling on Training Performance for every candidate.

10. Special Conversational English classes commencing shortly.



Every Coaching Academy boasts of 100% success, which is rare. Everyone imparts the same curriculum but the major difference lies in the training environment and this is created by the Personal touch of the Training Staff. The criteria for selection of a Coaching Academy for the present generation becomes either a personal intution or the cheaper fees structure. Here comes the selection of the right choice of the training academy.

The Academy is purely organised to carry out SSB training and has a separate SSB Oriented spoken English course of 1 month duration . It is different from other Coaching Institutes, where the Originality of a candidate is finished and he becomes a clone of the Faculty members. The training here is organised systematically to wipe out the unwanted ‘FEAR OF THE UNKNOWN’, build up the SELF-CONFIDENCE, SELF-WORTH and awakening one's SELF-BELIEF and finally focus on developing an ALL-ROUND PERSONALITY, which is the need of all SSB Testings.

The training is realistic and on the lines of the SSB Testings. The batches are limited to small numbers for Personal attention. The fees structure is very nominal.
The duration and working hours of the training are suited to prevent saturation and monotony. The focus is on to shape up every candidate as a POTENTIAL OFFICER MATERIAL
.The Fess are the lowest in entire Dehradun , Delhi and Chandigarh.

We are looking for ASPIRANTS not the JOB SEEKERS,which can be easily made out by your body language and will- power.


NDA, Pune
Naval Academy, Ezhimala

OTA, Chennai

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