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An Alumnus of the National Defence Academy and the Indian Military Academy, he is a Professional trainer. A Psychogist, Interviewing officer and a Group Testing Officer. He has the the distinction of having served in two Service Selection Centres. A keen academician with Masters in English and Business Administration and English Teaching Methodology, he carries an experience of having evaluated, selected and trained more than 10,000 boys and girls during his SSB tenures, Defence Institutes and NCC deputations. 

A reader of young minds, he excels in analysing rejected SSB candidates. Close understanding,friendly Diagnosis & Interactions, Training, Regular Counselling and Motivational boosts are the basic Mantras of his successful career.

The training methods are based on 3 simplistic approaches :-

1. Confidence Building Measures (CBMs)

2. Awareness Enhancement

3. Development of Officer-Like-Qualites (OLQs) during Training

                             SPECIAL FEATURES

1.A single Batch is run once a month.

2.Training duration-14 days.

3.Lowest fees structure in Dehradun, Delhi and Chandigarh

4.Specialised in training of Service candidates for ACC,PC(SL) & RCO entries. .

5.Successful diagnosis, Counselling and focussed training of previously SSB Rejected / Failed Candidates.

6. Guaranteed 100% success in the SCREENING TEST.

7. Realistic and Practical training.for all Three Techniques of SSB.

8. Personal attention due to limited intake.

9. Emphasis on Personality Development.& General Awareness.

10. Communication Skills & Appropriate Personality Presentation during Tests. 

11. Regular Counselling durlng training on performance of every candidate.



Every Coaching Academy boasts of 100% success, which is rare. Everyone imparts the same curriculum but the major difference lies in the training environment and this is created by the Personal touch of the Training Staff. The present day youth selects a training Institute, mainly on the cheaper fees structure,duration of the training period. & a large crowd outside any Institute and immediately registers for admission.. Here comes the selection of the right choice of the training academy.

The Academy is purely organised to carry out SSB training purely on interactions & limited use of Notebooks. It differs from other Coaching Institutes, where the Originality of a candidate remains untouched. The training here is organised systematically to delete the unwanted ‘FEAR OF THE UNKNOWN’, build up  SELF-CONFIDENCE, SELF-WORTH, SELF-BELIEF and finally develop an
 ALL-ROUND PERSONALITY, which is the essence of all SSB Testings.  

The training is realistic and on the lines of the SSB Testings. The batches are limited to small numbers for Personal attention. The fees structure is very nominal.
The duration and working hours of the training are suited to prevent saturation and monotony. The focus is on to shape up every candidate as a POTENTIAL OFFICER MATERIAL
.The Fess are the lowest in entire Dehradun , Delhi and Chandigarh.

We are looking for ASPIRANTS, not the JOB SEEKERS,which can be easily defined by one's body language and mannerisms at the SSB appearance.

NDA, Pune
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